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Encounter with Braco in Rastatt

Braco’s gaze connects you with your inner self, with the purest part of yourself, with your inner healer. In that moment it seems like the time stops. A warm feeling touches your heart. Inner silence and peace start growing inside you.
An extraordinary moment, which can transform you. Life problems, troubles in your family and career can suddenly change to the positive. Braco dedicated his life to the people, since 1995 he shares his gift with others.
He doesn’t teach nor offers philosophies on how to live. He has never given an interview for the media. What he gives is his gaze. He simply stands before groups of people and silently gazes at them.

Date: 09.11.2018
Times of encounters: 5:00pm, 6:00pm und 7:00pm, each encounter lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
Adress: Badnerhalle, Kapellenstraße 20-22, 76437 Rastatt
Presale: 15,90 Euro
Price at day desk: 15,- Euro
The visitors get a free Braco DVD in value of 15.00 € with each ticket.
Please note :
The event is open for adults only. Children and pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy on are not allowed to attend these events. For children, family and others who can not attend you can bring their photos to the encounter.
Professor Schneider, founder of the World Healing Congress (PSI Basel Days), invited Braco a few years ago to his congress in Basel, Switzerland. Schneider wrote a book about Braco and said that “the encounter with Braco’s gaze can lift us up to a higher level of consciousness”.
The American Professor William A.Tiller from the Stanford University stated that for him Braco is the leading person of a new paradigm.
In 2012, Braco received a peace award, the Peace Pole, for his contribution to world peace at the United Nations Tillmann Chapel in New York City.
In October 2016, the first documentary film about Braco, The power of silence, in New York and Los Angeles was presented at world premieres. Numerous personalities like author Paulo Coelho and Rabbi Jack Bemporad appear in the film as special guests. American actor and producer Armand Assante is the narrator of the film.
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